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cristin mullen adhd coach

Cristin Mullen, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

 AzFLCC owner and operator

ADHD, Behavior, and Lifeskills Coach

Adoptive mother

Science Nerd


Thank You For Allowing Me To Introduce Myself.


 I am a wife and a mother of two awesome adopted biological sisters. Our family also includes two big dogs. I dig science and technology and am becoming a podcast addict. I’m a terrible cook, but decent at visual design. Popcorn is my superfood. I make mistakes, miss steps, lose my keys and have about zero sense of time. The human brain fascinates me.

Most important, I believe that all kids are capable of success, no matter what.

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My Career Story


I began my career as a teacher. I LOVED teaching junior high (I must have a screw loose). I found that the kids that struggled the most, were also the most fun to work with. With some soul searching, I decided that I should seek my master’s degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy.

My counseling career started in ‘public behavioral health.’ I enjoyed working with kids that were “treatment resistant”. I worked with CPS kids, kids on probation, and kids with drug addiction. It was an oddly awesome experience.

Naturally, I moved on to even tougher kids as a Psychology Associate for juvenile corrections. I worked at Adobe Mountain Juvenile Detention Center, in the sex offender treatment program. During that time, my two little girls came home. They are our adopted biological siblings, and they rock my socks. Turns out Mommyhood is lots-o-work-hood. I became overflowing with stress and had to leave juvenile corrections to be more present with my girls. This is when I began work in the private practice setting…badaboom badabing…here I am.

Why the focus on ADHD (and similar struggles)?

I struggled through school all of my life. I was diagnosed ADHD in college. Before that point I was convinced that I was simply “stupid” and was on a mission to be a teacher and help other kids that felt the same way.

I knew there was something different about my brain,

and “stupid” was my best guess.

My neurologist prescribed me an IQ test after I argued with him that due to my struggle in school, it was obvious that I am not smart. The IQ test showed something different. My mission ignited and so did my fascination with the wonder and mystery of ADHD.

I was quite surprised to see how little both teachers and counselors understood about ADHD. Although, I shouldn’t be. Much of the best information surfaced after most practitioners were graduated from school. Working in the detention center, I noticed a vast number of kids with a combination of ADHD and totally destroyed sense of hope for themselves. It was pretty darn sad.

There is so much hidden capability that exists in those kid’s minds, but their spirit was squashed in the process of being rejected a thousand times over. 

prison kid

I’m a therapist, so why do coaching? 

ADHD is who people are, not what they have. It is not something to overcome or fix. With the majority of cases, ADHD is a genetic neurological condition. Although managing their brain over time might improve, people don’t outgrow it. You cannot counsel the ADHD out of someone. Way too many kiddos are going to counseling and feeling they have mental illnesses that should be “fixed,” only to find that counseling doesn’t work, and that must be their fault. Another thing to feel guilty about.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a place for counseling. Most folks with ADHD have another emotional component or “dual-diagnosis” side item that also plagues them. Depression, anxiety, OCD, substance abuse, and autism are among the most common.

ADHDers need coaching. They need to learn how to manage their mind. They need skills, strategies, and permission to be themselves. I want to provide that.

Bottom Line:

ADHDers are the future innovative leaders of our communities.

We’ve already lost way too many brilliant minds. 

I’d like to do my part to make the world a better place for my little girls.

So, I do my part, one kid at a time,

turning STRUGGLE into SUCCESS.

(Had to work the tagline in there somewhere, right?)

4 thoughts on “Cristin The Coaching Counselor

  1. katy

    I’m with your mom and dad! I LOVE this website. I told your mom that if I had a child struggling with ADHD and I found this website it would make me feel so hopeful and encouraged. I would want to see you IMMEDIATELY!

    I wish you the best of luck with this exciting new adventure!

    xoxo Katy

  2. Tina Nesvacil

    I literally almost started crying after I was done reading your introduction! I am ready to stop with my son’s counselor today and come see you! A mutual friend of ours recommended you and I am so happy she did. I feel like I’m finally going to take a step in the right direction after already having to pull my son out of two schools just this year. I cannot wait to meet with you!

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