Spring 2018 Workshop Lineup

Workshops for Unique Learners

These are most appropriate for junior high or high school aged participants. Workshops are scheduled on an interest bases. Workshop will be scheduled when the minimum of 5 participants have signed up. Workshops are always scheduled on Saturday mornings. Distance is not a limitation, as workshops can also be conducted via video conferencing.

homework help

“Get Work Done” 

A workshop for professional procrastinators with brilliant minds. 

Executive Functions: Task Initiation, Sustained Attention, and Time Management



  • Learn why neurotypical strategies (calendar, lists, agendas, colored folders, and stressing) aren’t working.
  • Learn the secret science behind procrastination, because it’s not what we think it is.
  • Use what you are already doing to help you self-startfinish tasks, and avoid overwhelm.
help with homework

“Raise That Grade”

A workshop for those in need of a last minute hussle.

Executive Functions: Time Management and Organization


  • Use hindsight, forethought and intentions to completely change your game.
  • Understand and use your “now bubble” to plow through late and missing work.
  • Adjust your work space and use your “focus factors” to access the superpower called hyper-focus.
study strategies

“Pass That Test”

Study and test taking strategies for unique learners.

Executive Functions: Sustained Focus and Task Initiation


  • Learn the why, when, where, and how of self teaching…..the “you” way.
  • Why reading your notes, might be the worst way to study ever.
  • How to use your 504 to get yourself your best chance.