ASAP: Academic Strategies & Accountability Program

Academic Coaching

Taking the battle out of homework time.

There is a struggle sweeping through families. We’d like to help.

You might be familiar with the nuclear force called, “homework” that obliterates happiness and peace during family time each evening? It tends to rob families of the much needed bonding, recharging, and reconnecting time. Parents become angry and helpless. Kids feel misunderstood and hopeless.

I used to think that homework was the enemy….

now I believe it is the opportunity.

The Accountability Coaching Program aims to increase the support and self-reliance of struggling learners, as well as redefine the parent’s role away from homework czar towards strategic supporter.

One of the primary resources of struggle, centers on the challenges associated with executive function deficits. Let’s start there. Dr. Russell Barkley explains that kids with failed executive functioning need more accountability, not less.

Consequences don’t seem to work, lectures aren’t heard, and doing it for them is certainly not accountability. So, what does a parent do? This is where we come in.

Program Targets

You become empowered to…

  • Be accountable to themselves first by setting targets and intentions, embracing mistakes, and monitoring their own systems.
  • Coordinate their own education – talking to teachers, setting up systems, tracking their own assignments, and discovering their own unique accomodations.
  • Advocate and explain their struggle without self-critical language.
  • Use their resources (parents, teachers, classmates, etc.)

Parent’s become masters at…

  • Role-modeling for self-improvement, and becoming fertile ground to support growth.
  • “Reading” behaviors and responding with strategies that refuel hope, grit, and ambition.
  • Being an effective force of empowerment and encouragement that ignites initiative and ambition.
  • Being a source of much needed unconditional love.

Academic Strategies Course

If you missed the group, don’t worry. You can also receive the lessons within 30 minute individual coaching sessions.


Both youth and parent attend these groups to learn unique systems and strategies together.

This group is run on a rotating schedule of 5 primary topics.

Families will receive all 6 strategies within 6 lessons.


Follow up, Individual, Accountability Coaching Sessions:

Youth attend individual AC sessions via video-chat or in person.

These sessions are formulated to continue teaching skills, reinforce accountability, and provide opportunity for troubleshooting.

Collaboration with schools:

Coaches monitor online grade reports and maintain openness to communication with teachers.

Attendance to teacher team meetings is available.

Support within IEP/504 meetings available by Steve Richie and includes preparation, attendance and follow up.