The Newsletter Is Born

The Newsletter Is Born

The Newsletter Is Born

I am so proud to announce the birth of the AzFLCC Newsletter. 

If you have already signed up (to the right), THANK YOU!

If you haven’t…..we are no longer friends.


To my friends,

You will be receiving TWO things from us.

1. The weekly “Resource Board” 

  • The most up to date information that I come across about ADHD, parenting, education/learning, and some other grown-up stuff.
  • “Try this” sections with ideas that you can try right away!
  • Podcasts, videos, articles, apps, books, blogs, and news.
2. The occasional “Cristin’s Corner” 
  • Periodic notes about news, ideas, strategies and whatever strikes my fancy.
  • Stuff that I’ve done with clients and found to be helpful.
  • An open invitation to comment and question.
  • Notices about offers, given aways, groups, webinars, etc.
My aim is to make these messages worthy of these non-words:
  • Relevanty
  • Useablest
  • Skimmable
  • Casually-formal
Not much of a reader?  We’ve got webinars for you!! See below.
Please let me know, if there is anything in particular that you like, hate, or want to know more about. 

Thanks friends!!Cristin Mullen, LPC

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