Do you take insurance?

We do not, for many reasons.

  1. We don’t like insurance companies having full access to all of your records. Confidentiality is important and it’s none of their bee’s wax.
  2. We don’t like the insurance protocol that requires every patient to have a documented mental health diagnosis, because frankly, ┬ánot everyone seeking help has a mental health disorder.
  3. Collecting insurance reimbursement requires time that we can devote to you and your case instead.
  4. We can keep small caseloads, creating a healthier stress level for us, with translates into more support for you outside of session and the ability to provide the best service that we can.
  5. Insurance doesn’t cover coaching anyway.
  6. People that feel they are investing in their progress, progress quicker and more permanently.
  7. Quicker more permanent progress = less sessions in the long run = savings.

Can I use my HSA card?

Yes, for both coaching and counseling.

Can I try to get reimbursement through my “out of network” benefits?

Yes, for counseling. Give us a heads up though, because we need to produce a type of receipt called a “super bill” to show the balance.

No, for coaching. Although, you could double check with your insurance company. Maybe we’re wrong. Wouldn’t that be great. Wait…what?

Do you go to schools?

Yes, Cristin goes to schools. She does sessions within schools (with parent’s permission, of course), does in-class observations, consultation with teachers and counselors, attends IEP and 504 meetings, and occasionally even trains school personnel. Nifty huh?

Do you have a sliding scale fee?

No. We offer fee scholarships to a limited number of clients with unique financial situations or limited financial resources. We are happy to help people find assistance within their price point though. We never turn anyone away without helping.